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"After using People software for a couple of weeks I've discovered so many new features that I hadn't noticed before. I've used most of the other PIMS in the past, ACT, Now Contact, and Consultant, and none come close to this for actual day-to-day usability. Your company really put a lot of thought into this program. I keep finding more nice features all the time. Every time I think of something I would like to see added, I find it's already there. This is the program I will stick with for the long term. This is already the nicest PIM that I've ever used."

- Joanne McGuire

"I am especially thrilled that creating lists using 'filters' and using them to send out mass e-mails seems to be quite easy. I have been looking for a good contact management software for a while now, and yours is definitely the most advanced and intuitive I've come across so far."

- Ursula Soyez, Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, Washington, DC 20005

"This product is my roadmap to success. Each day it guides me through my contacts to the exact person I need to call. The history of each client is displayed and the notes are available to update anyone right to the current status of the project. In simple, it tells me where I have been...where I am...and where I am going. Without it, I would be lost."
- John Apgar, Apgar Productions, Newport Beach, California

"I've downloaded and tried your product, and I think it's great! Thanks for building it and making it available."
- Paul Schurwing, Tahoe Design, Lake Tahoe, California

"Love your program. Have used them all, ACT!, Now Contact, Eudora, Consultant. Thanks-- Good Job!!!!!!"

- Larry Foreman

" People™ is an incredible organizer/contact/business data software. I use it daily to help run my complicated film and video production business. In thirty years of sales and marketing, I have never found a more productive tool. I suggest that you give 'People' a try in your business, especially if you deal with many prospects, clients, or vendors. Like me, your life will begin to run more smoothly and you will recapture lost time as the piles on your desk shrink. Try People™. I highly recommend it to anyone."

- Bud Connell, BCTV Productions, Laguna Niguel, California

"I have spent four or five hours during each of the last three days with your program. I am right into it. I have had a lot of fun. I am very impressed. What 'People' sets out to do is very ambitious. VERY ambitious. You hype your program by saying how much room there is. You can't hype that enough. I think it makes 'People' unique. This is an excellent and friendly program. Here's to the death of Now Up-To-Date-and-Contact and Claris Organizer! 'People' rule the world!"
- Pat Crosley, Canada

"I like the program very much. I showed the program to a friend of mine and he was very exited about how easy 'People' works. But in fact he "only" owns a "windows-pc" (ha-ha-ha !). But be sure, I think that many other owners of an Apple are gonna work with this program here in Germany.

- Grammatis Ritzalis, Nidderau, Germany

"Your software is delightful!"

- Dr. Charles Reich



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