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Mac OS9 and OSX Classic (Does not run on OS 10.5 or higher. Does not run on Macs with Intel Chips)

Download People™ 2.5 (1.8 MB) - Released October 3, 2001



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Download Instructions:

Any of the above files can be opened with Stuffit Expander. Stuffit Expander comes already installed on most Macintosh computers or can be downloaded for free at View the People™ Manual with Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Download Acrobat Reader for free at . The Power Mac version of People™ is optimized for PowerPC, G3, and G4 processors.

System Requirements:

  • Any Apple Macintosh, Power Macintosh - iMac, G3, G4, iBook, PowerBook, or PowerPC computer
  • System software 6.0.5 or later, best performance on system 7, 8, 9, or X
  • 8MB of available RAM required for Power Macintosh computers, 4MB for 68K Macintosh computers

    Requirements for advanced features:

  • Web browser such as Netscape (free), Explorer (free), or AOL for Internet features
  • Any e-mail application. Eudora e-mail software application (free) is needed for e-mail-merge features, download Eudora, for immediate use, at Qualcomm's Web site at Eudora 4.3 or later is recommended. (Eudora runs in the background, out of sight, and can be used alongside any other existing e-mail application.)
  • FAXstf 6 or higher (free) software application for fax features, an excellent stand-alone fax package for general use with any Macintosh, download it, for immediate use, at Smith Micro's Web site at

    Version History:

  • Version 1.0

    - Initial release

  • Version 1.1
    - Fix for Suitcase MenuFonts conflict
    - Date format setup for international users
    - Shift-click in list feature retains scroll to next card
    - Paste text into alternate phone field in address entry area
    - Turn on/off Auto Phone Format feature in address entry area
    - Minor additions to manual, including printable page numbers
  • Version 1.2
    - Expanded form letter character limit from 4,100 to 30,000
    - Improved phone and fax number auto formatting
    - Added TouchBase importing
    - Copy address by Command-2 with formatting option from the Details button
    - Bug fixes: Holidays in calendar after year 2000, Fax "Check Modem" error, 
    modem and speaker dialing with OS 9 and several small refinements
  • Version 1.3
    - People™ optimized for use with the new Eudora 4.3
    - Bug fixes: E-mail merge address formatting error with Eudora, modem 
    dialing with OS 9 releases line back to phone sooner and several small 
  • Version 2.0
    - Color interface added
    - New balloon help interface
    - Fax and modem dial compatibility fixed
  • Version 2.0.1
    - Import and export contacts with name as one unit or in components (i.e. first, 
    middle and last name)
    - Some minor cosmetic refinements and bug fixes
  • Version 2.1
    - Palm™ upload as been greatly improved.  Calendar and alarm upload has been 
    added, and contact upload has been simplified.  Select a calendar range to upload 
    and select a list of contacts or all contacts to upload.
    - Drag and drop in calendar now updates a contacts scheduled appearance on the Must 
    call list.  Deleted contacts will no longer appear on the Must call list (rare occurrence).
    - Added word "Backup" to the names of the auto backup files for better user identification.
    - Minimized Stopwatch now bounces back to contact card for which it was initiated.
    - Some minor cosmetic improvements were added.
  • Version 2.2
    - People™ now supports all international date formats (e.g., German, English, French, etc.).
    - Added Tab through data fields feature.  Use the Tab key to initially open the address entry 
    area, move through the data lines and then move on to the other data areas.  Hold down the 
    Shift key to move immediately from the address area to the other data areas.
  • Version 2.2.1
    - Added to the find contact feature set a visible list of contacts that appears when 
    multiple contacts match a search word (e.g., Find "Green" creates a contact list 
    containing Green and Associates, Evergreen Products, Douglas & Green, etc.).  
    The list hides after 15 seconds of inactivity.
    - Made adjustments to the MapQuest automated point-to-point directions feature.  
    The required URL submission was changed recently.
    - Fixed font selection process for instances where a custom font is selected for printing 
    organizer sized pages.
    - Fixed contact list feature where selection criteria are applied to text in the third pocket.
    - Added "Long Distance Prefix" field for international users who begin long distance 
    calls with numbers other than "1."
    - Fixed bug in address block where NW was changed to N7, in the address line.
    - Fixed multiple find field to hide scroll arrows when new find yields list not needing the
    - Added "type command-B to dial phone" to dial phone balloon help feature.
  • Version 2.2.2
    - Fixed auto-cap bug where "NW" becomes "N7" in address area, when caps are 
    entered by the user.
    - Added "type command-B" to dial phone balloon help.
    - Fixed minor cosmetic and functional bugs.
  • Version 2.3
    - Fixed auto-cap bug where O'Dell becomes 0'$ell in contact name line, when caps are 
    entered by the user.
    - Fixed the above and "NW" to "N7" auto-cap bug in the sales leads list feature.
    - Fixed calendar reminder feature in Quit routine.  If "Address Calendar Later" is chosen while
    quitting and the user does not return to address the calendar events that same day, a reminder 
    is given to review events from the skipped calendar date at the next opening.
    - Added instructions for avoiding rare "ACTION Menus" software conflict.
  • Version 2.3.1
    - The alternate phone number now displays in the main phone area, in addition to the 
    address entry area.
    - Made adjustments to the incoming e-mail viewer to wrap unwrapped text in the body 
    of an e-mail message for better readability.  Adjustments were made to accommodate 
    the new versions of Eudora.
    - Fixed incoming e-mail viewer bug where e-mail messages containing 32,000 characters 
    or more got error messages when the headers were clicked for viewing.
    - Added setting to ensure e-mail downloading is complete before e-mail headers are 
    brought into the viewer.
    - Added Command-Delete key shortcut for deleting e-mail messages from the viewer.
  • Version 2.3.2
    - Added support for Desktop Dialer™ hardware/software.  Adds to People's own auto-dial features.
    - Made adjustments to the MapQuest automated point-to-point directions feature.  The required URL 
    submission was changed recently.
    - Added safety feature to help prevent loss of the visible document during a computer crash.
    - Stopped the find list, for multiple matches, from removing the insertion point while typing.
    - Fixed some minor cosmetic bugs.
    - Added spoken-word guided tour for orientation.
  • Version 2.4
    - Major revision of user interface.
    - Added a button for creating e-mail from within People™ using any e-mail application.
    - Added an auto-map button for creating street directions and maps via the internet.
    - Added a speak fax number button for aiding in dialing a fax from within an audible range 
    of the computer.
    - Improved e-mail interaction for e-mail merge.
    - Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
  • Version 2.5
    - People now works with the free version of FAXstf (currently FAXstf 6).
    - Added Command-key-click on e-mail address in Other Contacts pocket to launch an e-mail message.
    - Added completion feature to calendar.  Option-key-click to mark a calendar event complete [√].
    - Refined calendar reminder process to streamline transition to the calendar while reminder is active.
    - Improved "Guided Tour."   Now it is faster, has a couple additional points of interest and is introduced
      through an animated icon at the bottom of the screen.
    - Refined the quit process to allow reminder and backup options to be answered in one dialog box.
    - The List feature, accessed from the More button, can now be dragged around the screen.
    - The alternate phone number now uploads to Palm with the other data, into the Other Contacts field.
    - Documents created in People™ can now be opened from within People as a SimpleText document, which
      allows the saved documents to be edited.
    - Fixed dialog box that used to come up during urgent alarm rotation while People™ was inactive.
    - Made an adjustment to the Eudora setup to turn off Eudora's "Immediate Send"  (for e-mail merge).
    - Fixed rare bug where calendar reminder could be incorrectly indexed.
    - Adjusted dialog box positions to accommodate different screen sizes.
    - Eliminated dialog inquiry that occurred during Palm upload (i.e., "Where is Palm Desktop").
    - Added additional data compacting routines for improved protection of data.
    - Adjusted envelope printing margins for improved alignment for landscape printing orientation.
    - Adjusted return envelope printing margins for improved alignment for landscape printing orientation.
    - Adjusted dial phone number by modem feature to fix incomplete number dialing.

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