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About People™: Introducing People™, the full-featured contact management software for the Macintosh that organizes client, personal and calendar information. People offers the room to be as complete in your entries as you need. It has loads of compelling contact management features available in the most convenient, intuitive and simple ways. Working together with yourcurrent applications and the Internet, People™ is a real timesaver and your friendliest, most advanced tool for building and maintaining successful relationships! Some advanced features include: receive and send email within contact cards (with attachments); easily build email address lists from received emails; fax from contact cards (with attachments); mail merge using print, fax or email; link other application's documents to contact cards and create street maps for contacts. Go to www.brewstersoftware.com to discover the wealth of features in People™, to take a quick look at People™ screen views and to hear what people are saying about People™. Thanks, Brewster Software  





















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